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-- the ravens are arrived about 3:15. quite a bit different than from baltimore this morning. bad bad weather could not keep the ravens fans away. >> here in baltimore, ravens fans love their team. hours before the rally began, thousands of fans filled the amphitheater at the inner harbor. they were here to show their support for the ravens. >> bring it back to baltimore. >> we wish our team well. it would not be a rally without the cheerleaders. poe was here. fans came from all over, they had to be here. >> i drove 200 miles to get here. >> i come from ocean city, maryland. this is baltimore. it is all about the ravens. >> after being stuck in traffic, the ravens arrived. the fans went crazy. >> how about number 5? >> we're not going to new orleans for nothing else but for another ring back to baltimore. we love you, we love you, we love you. we're going to give it everything we got. >> ain't no better team than baltimore. >> this is awesome. >> we got two tickets to paradise. >> shortly before 1:00, ed reed let the fans and the team in a final sendoff. >> baltimore on the three.
house with everything ravens? ravens?kathleen cairns has a storyyabout a grandpaain howard ounty who's a ravens ásuper faná. p it's hard.. not to notice jerry driving by:(kid)"its amazing"(driving truck) "we get a lot of thumbs up" hii license plate says it all:he's a retired grandpa... (drivvng &p)"i feel a part of the team" dicks:(jerry)"and everything elseeis ravens"in his ravens mobile... ((erry)"i usuallyy punn15 o 16 flags"(kid)"one two threeefour five..(phone liik seeing that truck riving around.. crazy.. i love he ravens.. laugh" the back is an purple ailgate frrnzy:(in back)"we got a 16 place settingg still jeery wanns more... (feet walking into dickss(guy danccng whoooo hooooo quick) there's piles of ravens gear... (puts hat on yeah ttat fits prettt goodd)(sales lady quick)"you can just feellthe eecittent in theres plenty of ch.....morr - sweatshirrs... and of course tee shirts the next ttme jerry comes he wwll probably bee looking for home decor" home... (voice only)"foo my man cave"(feet nats on sttirs) (dancing singing statute)the peason ttcket hhlder has collected hund
foxboroughh -3 sunday... the ravens say they hhd two items on their agenda: get revenge on last season's theesuper bowl.both are noww checked off theer list. & 3 3 just aboot everyone's wearing -3 purple they -3 should...but one grandpa in howard county is taking it to a new level. everything erry hhnline owns is decked out in ravens geer. his car has 16 flags on it....ut inssde it'ss a purple tailgating frenzz with plates and more.but that'ssnot all. inside hissman 3 heaven. 3 "handpainted wine glasses, ray - rice signnpictures hammers ravens couch he offfcial pelicoptee music." music."and you etter believe jerry's goinggto the superbowl. he's beenna seeson ticket holder for 17 years.he says the big event willl ost him about 5-thousand dollars. 3 fans are placcng bets about who will win thissyeaa's super bowl.if they're smart... &pthey'll takeessme advice from an animal at a new jersey zoo. zooo"princess"....a 6- year-oll camel... picked he giants toowin last yeer... and they did.this year... zoo 3 prite "49er's" in ne and... andd r
are trying to make this a case of quote sex, lies and video tape. . >> and the ravens are heading down to the mouth of the mississippi for a little game they call the superbowl. theteam is heading out monday for that big game but today the coaches were talking about the season that got them there. they say they're going to keep doing what they've been doing this year. >> the way the team has responded to john and his coach's leadership, you know, how he's asked them to practice, the different things like that, how he wants them to prepare, i think that has been very similar as to the way it was in 2000. >> newsome also addressed ed reed announcement. he says when reed's playing days are over if he wants to stay in a coaching capacity, they'll try to find a place for him. >> we're hoping to see you in new orleans next week when we team up with the st. bernard project as we help rebuild homes for two families still affected by hurricane katrina. head for nola for nor information about the project and to register. . >> it's not very often that you get a chance to
welcome... to the ate edition,,../ i'm... eff baand. and i'm jennfier gilbert.aa the ravens hhad to he super bowl--busineesess n maryland &pcontinuu to see sales skkrock. skyrocket. amber miller... talked with customers... &p who are buying... all they can .../ ahead... of... super bowl sunday. ((nat sound uu))at poor boy's sports in abington customers searched high and low--lookiig ffr that perfect black ann purple find... allisonnboyd<5:16:18 we're just getting shirts for famill and all--told them we were coming up here. they said look poo this, look for that.> <9:49:11 it'' almosttlike we're already playinggin tte super owl. ii's on-stop, late hours, lots of emplooees getting extra help, just keep up with the customers, the online orders. all three stores have been doing very well.> 27:44:12 these oxes are just a small portion of what was deliiered boxes were shipped- all filled &pwith a-f-c championship gear. ((nat sound up))
hello, i'm jeff barnd. &pbarnd. 3 and i'm jennifer gilbert. the ravens are headinn to pro game. 3 wwen the final seconds of last night's afc championship game... ran out... huudreds of fans flooded the streets of federal hill../. buttsome... of... the most... intense celebrations... llst night... / weree.. right oo the field. 3 ---nats of suggs high fiiing fans---22:31:56-22:32:03 "go ravens, we're gging to the - super bbwl, woooooooooo!!" 3 3 the team... is headed to new orleans two weeks, .... ut... he cost... coold keep... some fans ... here... in baltimore... for the big game. as jjhn rydell reports... if you're even thinking bout attendingthe super bowl... get ready for sticker shock... shock... 3 (rydell) "you can only imagine how many super bowl partiee are going to take place in &pbaltimore over the next couple & of weekk including here aa the charles village pub, but die-hard ravens fans are now scrambllng to find a way to get to new orleans for the big ga
miles, up the ravens landed about 45 minutes ago. 75 degrees. a lot different than what they left in baltimore this morning despite that bad weather, there was a huge sendoff. >> before the ravens had to new orleans, they had a few friends come over and say goodbye. hours before the team was to arrive, fans filled up the amphitheater at the inner harbor and they were fired up. >> bring it back for baltimore. >> we wanted to wish our team well. go ravens. >> it would not be a rally without the cheerleaders. ♪ of course, poe was here. fans came from all over, they had to be here. >> i drove 200 miles to be here. i would not miss it for the world. city,came from the ocean maryland. it is all about the ravens. >> after being stuck in traffic, the ravens arrived and the fans went crazy. >> joe flacco! >> we did this in 2000. we are not going to new orleans for nothing. we love you. we love you. we love you. we will give it everything we've got. >> ain't no better team than baltimore. >> we got two tickets to paradise. >> shortly before 1:00, ed reed let the fans in a final sendoff. >
charged with tresspassiin. no banned from city hall. 3 the ravens and the 49ers havv histtryon their mindd as they point toward the uper bowl, bowl, it's... probably... not the kind of hiitory...// spprts diiector... bruce cunningham... is... hereeto explain. ssper bowls tend to produce a lot of coopelling storylines.. lewis, playing his final ion.. gamee..but you'll also hear an mmtchup,which is, of iiself, histooic.... never beeore in american haveetwo coaching brothers ry s quite literally, the nfl announced it will do somethinn history: a joint prees conferencewith both harr brothers on friday morningg.. gonnahappee...we're talking 33 &ptom brady hears froo the nfl.. pnd john harbaugh salltes you, the fans..that's coming uu at 10050 and 11:30as ports unlimited continutes and... e'rr following ray's tt the superdome in new orleans...///.sse oor sttries... on thh ravens playoffs.... / hear... aw innerviews frrm the ppayers... / and... find other wwb links... by going to.../ . foxbaltimore dot coo....// click
right, everybody. [cheering] >> everybody is cheering. oh, yeah. put on leave ravens game pays. joe flacco is a big supporter of special olympics. he is not here. he will be playing in the super bowl. all the ravens have been big supporters of special olympics. jimmy, we love you. so grateful that you are here. all the super plungers, they are just getting started. oh, yeah. we will be here all night and tomorrow morning. i know there is some snow out here. everything is go to mark. , down. we will see you tomorrow. reporting live, rob roblin, wbal tv-11 news. >> take care of yourself, robbie, and make sure that they are taking care of jimmy, too. if you want to text a message to someone taking the plunge -- text to 80509. we will show as many as we can on the saturday morning news. it is inspiring, isn't it? >> it is. to see these young men -- they are like rock stars. >> it is so-called. it is 22 degrees is right now. -- it is so cold. they certainly need jimmy there to keep them inspired, because it is a long, cold nights ahead. the water temperatures in the mid-38's. -- mid-30's
reached ten below zero ithoottthe windchill. he's... a... ravens... season ticket... holder. hhller.....and an elemmntary custodian. 3 3&pbut, thh kids at oak 33 3 he''.... a... ravens... season ticket... hold. pchool custodian. 3 but, the kids at oak ill elemmntary choollin severna park know him simply as biggest ravens fan they know. mike duvall aalays wears his ravens jerseys tooschool.... ...paintt his face.......nd, even holds mini ravensspep rallys during llnch. mike duvall, oak hill 2 eet up and they respect me. thht's the way it should be." deneen houghton, oak hill principal: t 1.04.32 i think phat it's because tth kids go they talk about r. mike aad what mr. mike did." did."mike's principall.. rom whom you just heard... is alss a big ravens fan..he actuully hhs tickets to the suppr bowl. &p a robbery solved as soon a it happened. the glaring piece ssraight to these crash and grab criminals. a eaacer's job on the line overrffcebbok. the tape that she says ere just a joke. republicans gaanna major viitory in the debt ceilingg debate. the strategy th
hello i'm jeff barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert.for the first thh ravens are going to pro football's ultimate event. bruce unninghaa is here to &pbegii ur coverage tonight of the eam's magicaa ride through the posttseason .. one of thh hardest things about making the uper bowl is acceptance...realizing that pinnacle...making sure it hits navel gazing..even hough they ddn;t play this weekend, work...'l be ut there on 3& 3with raa lewis on his sell-descriied lass ride, there won't be is talk that ed reed could retire in &phis hometown,and then there's center matt biik, whh is in his 15thnfl season, and is &pmakinn his first super bowl &pa ong time to wwit,,but birk sayshe's nnt really focuued on that right now... "nobody deserves it more than anybodyyelse, it doess't matter how long you play. to be doinggit with this team, i just think theecloseness of this ttammand kind of the journey that we've been gettiig closee to ffnally -3 bbeak ttrough is pretty special." 3&the gravity of what has happpned is beginning to seetle in on the ravenss.john harbaugh alks abo
, but it is a real possibility for pentagon employees. >> the ravens road to new orleans. coming up, we will hear >> perhaps one of the least heralded but most important parts of the reagan organization is one of its most tenured. -- the ravens organization is one of its most tenured. >> ozzie newsome. 11 news pete has the story. hi, pete. >> ozzie newsome is an unassuming. he likes to take long walks or on days like this, he will take the treadmill. if there is a better manager and in the nfl, i have not seen him. ozzie newsome would go into the nfl hall of fame as a manager if he were not already there as a player. if there is one thing we can point to form why the reagan sir but the regular season, it is -- the raven survive the regular season, it is ozzie. >> we knew don could play. it was just a matter of him getting on the field. >> while paul kruger took time to reach his potential, the potential was there. >> when i am around come paul does a lot of the extra stuff on in some. >> he gives banks he had some many talents to, on as replacements -- he gives thanks he had so many talents to tu
... determiie if... and... whhn &pand... cmppaints... are investigated. 3 for... two... ravens players.../ super... bowl... 47... much more... than... a game../. it's... a... homecoming...//. ed... reed... ann... jacoby jones... are... booh... from jones.../ a... native... of... new orleans...//morgan adsit... has more, morgan. ee reed still can't believe whhle most players dreamed of playiig in the n-f-l....he dreamed of playiig inna super bowl in his hometown... new &porleens. after the ravens beat the patriots sunday in tte a-f-c championship...jones kept hasscomm a long way in one season with the ravees...the most dangerous return man in thh ravens are headinn to new orleans...not bbd for a guy case of the rops..if joness makes the endzone... he has a special dannc for his home city.jones however... haa run into one bad tting about playing in a super bowl in his hometown... the nee family members he's picked up through phone calls and text messages. what ozzie newsome has to say about.... &j cameron go.that's n about 50 on sportt unlimited. 3&you can count
baltimore city police. as the ravens get focused ion the 49ers and their fiist ssper bowl in more tthn a decade... one play against the still on the minds of some baltiiore players. playerr.sports director bruce some playerr have a beef with - new englann quarterback tom now stepping in.. bruce. it';s no sscret that the nfl considers new england partiotrs it's golden's pupersttrss..but the veteran brrdy maa haae createe a bit of a pr problemfor the eague ///take vo///meenwhile...the nfl says it's going to review this play from sundaynight'ss afc championshipp in which tom brady appeared ttkick the ravens ed reeddwhile it was ntenional or pot...reed kinn of brushed it offf..but safety bernard pollard, who has a long aad the pats, isn'ttbuyinn it 3iffthe nfl finds brady did it inttntiooally, which is unlikely...he coulddbe fined is even mmre unlikely...we'll h- hear from oe lacco, coming up in sports..later in the hour... and we''e following ray's last rideeall the way to the our stories on the ravens interviews from the pllyers... going to oor webbite... on the "ray's las
. &puniveristy.police were called tt an alley on stonewood drive and loch raven bbulevard in northeast baltimore ttis 3 46-year old man who had een shot multiple times.neighbors say ttey heaad at leest fiie shots.police ae investigating but have not released thh victim's ame but they do saay -3 he ii in grave condition. 3 ppotestorr hit the 3 ....afttr the tate's attorney decided 'nnt' to proseeute tte - officers involved in the deeth of anthony annerson. anderson..39 we just got to - continue this fiiht....c:: ww're continuing this fight & for this young brother 0254 0254 3 yesterdayyandersons' relatives held a ppooesttaa 3 summer. n septemmer, the - mmdical examiner uued his death a homiccde. his wwek, state's attorney gregg bernstein decided the officers used a reasooable amounn f force nd would not be prosecuted. theedepartment of justice is now looking nto &pwhetherranderson's ccvil rights wereeviolaatd. -3 30731 i fflllbad, it's not 0744 3 the officers involved remain - puspended with pay. they still ffce an
at tnn. as... the ravens....get focusee ...on the 49ers../.one... play... against the patriots... is... still on thh minds... of some players. players.sports director bruce cunningham joins us with why some players hhve a beef with new englanddquarterbacc too brady... bruce? it';s no secret that the nfl considers new england partiotts quarterback tom brady ne f it's golden's brady mayyhave created a bit - of pr roblemfor the eague the nfl sayssit's going to rrview this play from suuday night's afc championship, in phichhtom brady appeared o kick the ravens ed reed while sliding...brady hasn't aad if it was intenional orr not...reed kind of bbushed it off...bbttsafety bernard pollard, wwo has a long and checkeredcareer withhbrady and the pats,, isn't buying it amonggthe biggest callengee phe ravens wwll face issealing with frieeds and family who want ickets, hotels roomsand game tickets...hear how john harbaugh plans to deea with that at 10:50 and11:30 n we're following... ray's last ride... all the way... to thee superddme in new orleans..../
device. >>> our big story is all about the purple. the ravens are in new orleans as super bowl week gets rolling. thousands were at the inner harbor to send them off. what a big party. >> reporter: it was a great party. today was all about saying one thing, two little words -- go ravens. a cloudy gray day in downtown baltimore and then there was sunshine. >> reporter: the ravens are out to take care of business in new orleans. thousands of fans filled the area to send the team off right. it's been 12 years since they went to the big dance. one more game, one more w, sending ray off right. can't we hear the fans scream? [ cheering ] >> we did this in 2000 and we're not going to new orleans for nothing else but to bring it back to baltimore where it belongs. we love you. we love you. we love you. baltimore, we love you. >> reporter: when you can feel something in your bones, it feels just right. they're looking at the super bowl as a chance for this team, their home team to prove to everyone that they're champs to baltimore and champs to the world. >> the whole city coming together, this i
on coverage continues online capturing the ravens and taking you inside with the cheerleaders. that is all ahead on and on mobile app. >> now your forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> this has followed the jetstream. if it is cold enough, they generate snow. it is getting into the mountains. we had our burst of snow. there was a light coating and slippery in some spots. there is a new batch of snow dropping in on cleveland area. a brief flurry or snow shower could pop up. in calvert county, the snowfall jackpot. three inches down there. the snow is staying south of baltimore. carroll county and manchester, about an inch and a half. we had an inch of very fluffy and powdery snow. and parts of baltimore county and southern pa, two inches of snowfall. mailing 10, an inch. the advisories for the baltimore area have dropped. this noble continue to come down off and on in the mountain -- the snow will continue to come down off and on in the mountains. we saw the snow showers coming in from the north and west. if you're traveling west overnight tomorrow morning, watch o
to watch out for an accident on loch raven boulevard. we're dealing with another accident on harford road and joppa road. expect heavy, heavy delays as we take a live look at dulaney valley road. it will take you an extra 27 minutes to travel the inner loop and the outer loop is extremely congested. here at baltimore national pike, it continues. you want to watch out for a crash at woodland. that's a look at your time save per -- saver traffic. back to you. >>> we're covering all the angles. >> for many parent, the first order of business today was pick up their kids after the school alerted them that they would close early. >> jeff hager has more on that. jeff in. >> reporter: the traffic tie-ups, that's what school administrators were worried b we saw parents running to pick up students, concerned for their safety. they are never more excited to head home on a friday. that is, until students found that this school day would end early. >> it said that we would be getting out two hours early. wait. it was before lunch. everyone got up and started clearing. >> reporter: for parents, the ex
...with laamakers on & waahinnton, i'm stacey cohan..- 3 3 the ravens have 3 ridden joe flacco's aam all the way to the super bowl.... &pbut does that mean the ravens --3 will have to break the bank foo his new contract? &contract? facco is oon of severaa players who pill become free agentssafter 3prioritt number one... n - thhs season... flacco's camp ttoughh he cculd et more.. g-m ozzie newsome will be the one who decidee on what to -3 do witt flacco... and he's ot doinn it until after the super & bowl. 3 3 ed reed... ppul 3 bowl. 3 d reed... aul krrger and michael oher also will be free agents after the season. 3 it's the 17th annnal maryyaad & state police polar bear plunge!the event of the winter--where you freeze your &p"fur" off for a worthy cause. & cause.amber miller is ptreaming now from sanny point beach in annaaolis wherr things areeset to iik off in a couple hours. 3 taking the plunge is all about raising funds for special ooympics maryland.for just 50 bucks in pleegessparticipa
it will cost ravens fans... to make the trrp to the ig game. 3 3 ((break 1)) 3 3if yoo think t'' cold inn marylandd.. this next iieo miiht leave you humblee. humbled.a repooter inn how cold it is outside... by 3 pan.30 minutes later... it's frooen.the state is currently dealinn with temperatures in the ááeggttves.á 3 ((2-shot toss to 3 weather)) ((ad ib 3 meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map shawan map liberty 3 map 40 map 3 3 3 3 3 some couples take a year or pore to planntheir wedding.but we're dding t in just one's our wedding in a week contest... and ou can &penter to win an all- xpenses- paid wedding... on us. eeter.. tell us in a hundred words or less why you should in.seed your eetryyto "wwdding in a week".. 2000 west 41st street in baltiiore.. 21211... 3 or log onto foxbaltimore dot coo to enter... you can also enter on our facebook page... just click on theeweddiig in a week tab on the left side of the sure to read the official rules and include aa 3 entry!and it''sall brought to you by te baltimore bridal
's been a tough road to the super bowlfor the ravens...but ttht's been half the funthat story coming up inn 3 ((break 2)) 3 3the wooan in the photos ussdd innthe manti te'o hoax is sseaking out. but the accused mastermind behind the scam remains silent. brian todd reports. reports. &p3 manti te'oosays he stuck to the story bout a ggrlfriend he'' never met-- brieely ppblic about her-- even when &phe knnw sometting was an iinerview with abc's katie couric, te'o was asked wwy. myself to died on september 12th. nowwi gee a phone call -3 on december 6th sayinggthat going to be put on national tv two-days later, and to ask me about the same quession. what would you do??a source with knowledgeeof the maater tells cnn, a woman pretendiig to be - te'os apparent girlfriend, lennay keeua- called him on & december 6th, ccaiming she'd & faked her death because she &pwas afraid oo drug dealers. te'o went to notre dame officials with he story.the school investigated and, according to our source, & coofirmed that two men and a woman were behind the hoax. pe'o said h
storiis on the ravens ee playyffs.... hear raw &pinterviews froo the pllyers.. pnd find other web links by goinn to our websiie... foxbaltimore dot com. lick some couples ake a year orr &pmore to plan their wedding.bu we're doing it innjuut one &pweek.itts our wedding in a week contest... and yoo can enterrto win an all- expenses- paid wedding... on us. shhuld win.send your entry to west 41st stteet in . 2000 or loo onno ffxbaltimore dot com to enter... you can also enter oo ourrfacebook pagg... just click on the weeding in a week taa n the left side oo sure ooread tte official rules and include a photo witt your entry! eetry!and it's all brought to you by he baltimore bridal show at thh baltimore conventionncenter february 2nd and rd. 3coming up... all eyes were on presiddnt obama... for his second presidential inauguration.but for social media users... all eyes weee on someone else. else.the moss talk-about moment from yesterday's event... on acebook. so if ydead battery,t tire, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is ther
for the ravens. details co >> in this morning's "medical alert" as if this season's flu season wasn't bad enough. widespread in 47 of the 50 states the c.d.c. says there's another virus spreading fast. it's a stomach bug, minoro virus causing severe nausea, diarya and what has officials so alarmed is the strength of this virus and how quickly it is spreading. it's from australia and highly infectious and particularly vicious. >> it can stay alive for long periods of time and can be transmitted easily to anybody. so it's a small environment for lots of people. >> they are calling it the ferrari virus because it moves so fast. the best way to get rid of it is disinfecting surfaces with bleach and keeping your hands clean. meanwhile, the flu continues to hit people coast-to-coast but there are signs flu season is leveling off and continues to decline hear in the east. our news reporter ericka east tells us there are some home remedies that might make you feel better. >> many swear by anti-viral medicines, like tamiflu. but you have to get them within 48 hours of getting sick. that's when home remed
ahead of the big game. the odds favor the 49ers as they prepare to take on the baltimore ravens. the red and gold have been to the super bowl v times and each time they came home victorious. their last super bowl appearance was back in 1995. good evening i'm eric rasmussen in for ken wayne. joe fonzi is live in new orleans where he's already heard from head coach jim harbaugh and witnessed the reception the team received at the hotel tonight. things as you can imagine kind of quiet right now outside of 49ers headquarters. but they will pick up as the weak wears on. it wupt that long ago you would have a hard time naming anybody who you might recognize on the national stage -- it wasn't that long ago you would have a hard time naming anybody who you might recognize on the national stage. but not anymore. >> that was cool, you know i just -- i'm like wow. that is amazing. that's amazing. that's what the super bowl is all about. >> super size, life size. >> no didn't think i would see that. >> i guess it brings the whole impact of the whole thing. >> it does, it's truly a blessing to be her
're blaming me. >>> coming up next the baltimore ravens shock tom brady and the new england patriots. unbelievable. >> sorry, barnicle. >>> also it's setting up a match -- it's going to be a great game mika. it's going to set up a match with the 49ers. we'll be right back. i was overweight my whole life. i obsessed about my weight my whole life. i figured i was just born that way. i was always on some new, life-stopping diet. and then, weight watchers. it lets me be me. and i naturally became a healthier me. i amazed myself. get used to it. because when a weight loss program is built for human nature you can expect amazing. introducing the new weight watchers 360 program. join for free and expect amazing. because it works. >>> welcome back to "morning joe." andrea mitchell a couple of great games yesterday. >> just think of those parents sitting in wisconsin and watching these games back to back. >> unbelievable. let's go to bill karins. he's got sports. >> two big games yesterday. the nfc championship game and the afc championship game. let's start with th
. >> the media frenzy for the super bowl steps up when the ravens head to new orleans tomorrow. they beat the patriots. the 49ers took down the falcons and this will be the first time two brothers will coach against each other in the super bowl. >>> sporting match in egypt out of control. dozens killed last year in a brawl. as death sentences are handed down, more rioting in the streets. >> plus, former vice presidential candidate paul ryan and fellow republicans gearing up for another year of budget battles. but is the guilty plea getting ready to put on a new face? why one member of the party told them to stop being a party of stupid, when we come back. wx >>> some of the stories making headlines this morning, the death toll from rioting in egypt has risen to 31. the violence broke out saturday after a court handed down death sentences to almost two dozen local fans involved in a deadly brawl in a soccer game last year. at least 74 people were killed in that incident. many streets and stores are closed for fear of more rioting. the verdict for the 52 remain
. hopefully will be easy for them to defeat the baltimore ravens. >> colin kaepernick is courting the had an ear phones. we will see jim harbaugh getting off the plane last night enormous holding his daughter. >> as you can imagine the excitement is tied for the players and for the fans. that stash the excitement is hig--the excitement is high. >> kron fours will tran is in san francisco at the city hall. he will tell us about plans that are in place. >> the officials will gather like coaches coming up with a game plan. they want to make sure to show the world that san francisco is a world-class city and that is why they plan to beef up patrols during superbowl sunday as well as the not going into monday after the game. >> here is video of the 49ers players leaving santa clara headquarters. they are waiting to the fans. the fans are greeting them to make sure to see the mark one last time for those of cannot go to normal onnew orlea >> will talk to mayor ed lee throughout the week concerning what he plans to do. he has talked to the restaurant and asked the bartender is not to serve hard
. >>> we're officially less than a week away from super bowl xlvii. the ravens will head to new orleans to prep for the big game. they will host a pep rally for fans before heading to the big easy. the ravens are looking for their second super bowl championship. >>> as for the san francisco 49ers, they're already in new orleans. the nfc champs arrived there yesterday. this is the team's first trip to the super bowl in almost two decades. they're looking for their sixth title, which would tie them with pittsburgh, the steelers, for the most all-time championships. >>> this morning, hollywood loves the movie argo. picked up another big win at the screen actors guild award. >> the actor goes to the cast of argo. >> it took home top honors for outstanding cast. the ben affleck starred and directed in the iran hostage crisis thriller. >> we had more than 150 actors, they spoke in english and farsi. the one thing in common is they came to work every single day whether they had a line or a look to somebody or two lines or ten lines or if i couldn't understand in farsi. they wanted to kill to m
. awesome city and awesome times and teams get here, 49ers tonight and ravens tomorrow and from then on all football. >> harris: a lot of people don't know, a the best parties are the ones leading up to it. >> and first time the two brothers head coaches or managers going at it. john harbaugh with the ravens, jim harbaugh with the 4ers and you'll hear plenty of that. the bro-bowl, the bros-bowl and of cars the har-bowl all very clever. >> harris: so your houston texans aren't in it. my cheese head dream come true isn't in it. colin kaepernick and joe he flacco and people are saying who the heck of the q.b.'s. >> colin kaepernick, out of university of nevada reno, took over mid season and joe flacco, university of delaware, both have great stories and have been fantastic over the playoffs. joe flacco, his fifth year in the nfl and hasn't thrown an interception all playoff long, three touchdowns away for tying joe montana for most in a post season. >> harris: and kaepernick is always kissing his arm. >> and he kisses his biceps, and i don't have one, but that's what he does. if he scores a to
, in maryland dave? >> hello jim cramer, a big fat d baltimore raven's booyah. i think that is great. go ahead. >> as we know, at&t and verizon announced that they are going to record huge non cash charges related to their pension. >> this is a bernanke function. that is just the way it s the answer it is not what we should betrayeding off trading off of. stop, look, listen. that is our motto. there is too much noise out there. too much information could lead you in the wrong way. "mad money" will be right back. coming up, as the market hits new five year highs, cramer is finding out if the bulls can continue their stampede when he goes off the charts and later, take over target. 2013 kicked off a slew of acquisition announcements. it could be the missile you need to sky rocket higher. plus packaging power. food, fashion and phones whatever you consume comes in paper and plastic. two names you never heard of. find out which one could have profits you probably have. just ahead. coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money." follow at jim cramer on twitter. send jim an e-mail to
to be taken at all. david maryland. >> hello, jim cramer. big, fat a baltimore ravens superbowl of brianna. >> i've got to hand it to you, i like harbaugh. i think harbaugh is great. >> as we all know by now, at&t and verizon both announced they're going to record huge charges related to their pension obligations. i believe they did the exact same thing last year. as a longtime investor in at&t, how concerned should idea about this? >> this is a bird hanke function. but you have these rates real low there's not much you could do. the answer is we're not going to take it into a factor. it's not what we should be trading off of. it's not what we should be investing off of. here is the watchword for earnings season. stop, look, listen. that our motto. there's too much noise out there. it leads to the wrong way and you end up losing your money. that's not okay on my watch "mad money" will be right back. . coming up, as the market hits new five year highs, cramer is finding out if the bulls can continue their stampede when he goes off the charts and later, take over target. 2013 kicked off a sl
49ers arrive tomorrow night 7-30 local time. the ravens... monday early peunion....s mmch as john and jim hhrbaugh try to not make phissabout's pretty rrmarkable... hattfor the pill meet as opposing head .. can't get to the n-f-l... as a player or the game... and desire toowin. no one has that more than the jii... stayeddcompetitve - &pagainst ach othhr..just ovee a yearrapart in age... the younger jim haddthe upper hand... bigger college john the upper haad in coachhng league... more wins.and thee meet for the 2nddtime... in suppr bowll47. we haveea job to do. weeall do. jim and his staff do. on doing their ob. it's not harr to get everyone's attention, everyone is excited. it's he last time we are goonn to be together as a team. and what a glorious time to bb together for two more weeks. would a lombardi rophy make matt birk retire?and how the pefense plans o attack 49ers q-b... olin kaeperniik.later in sports unlimittd. p and we'll bb taking you insiie the super bowl live all biggeaay.rage starts ttmorrow 3 two college sweetheertt are n t
in lawrence. and when it comes to the apple name, kaepernick says he respects the ravens and their star linebacker ray lewis. kaepernick says he also got some great advice from former 49ers grades like joe montana and steve young. >> will hear what kaepernick has to say and what gary rabin thinks about it in the next 45 minutes. let us the route for that--gary radnich . we want you to sene you're neither pride. we have received thousands of photographs, and love to share them on air. send us your pictures. >> breaking news at, or send into a store or kron 4 face book page. will share them on the air drop several days. will have more on the niners and its star player colin kaepernick coming up in gary's world at 7:45 a.m.. >> today protesters are back in the spot like we will explain why. >> federal investigators are on board the it dreamliner investigation. new information on the problem they are trying to solve. we are keeping an eye on bay area weather erica has a complete look at the forecasts we return. lucky charms?! ♪ yer always after me lucky charms! whoa. i forgot ho
't know. >> reporter: the richardsons say they hope ravens coach john harbaugh takes comfort in that when his little brother claims the prize come super bowl sunday. patti lee, ktvu news. >>> 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is inspiring some fans to get inked up for the game. they're life sized tattoos replicating those on kaepernick's arm. the website is capper >>> it appears some restaurants are getting a little camera shy when it comes to customers taking pictures of their food. several restaurants are beginning to ban photography saying it disrupts the ambien -- ambience. >>> a fix for that fender bender. >> and students return to campus today, we'll show you some of the big changes they discovered. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr in
brother? >> i don't know. >> reporter: the richardsons say they hope ravens coach john harbaugh takes comfort in that when his little brother claims the prize come super bowl sunday. patti lee, ktvu news. >>> 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is inspiring some fans to get inked up for the game. they're life sized tattoos replicating those on kaepernick's arm. the website is capper >>> it appears some restaurants are getting a little camera shy when it comes to customers taking pictures of their food. several restaurants are beginning to ban photography saying it disrupts the ÑçÑçÑnÑmÑñoÑmÑw?çç>> students returning to uc berkeley campus today for the start of a new semester are noticing some big changes on the side of the campus. christien kafton is live now where a major construction project is already changing the way students move around the campus. >> reporter: a lot of big changes you can see the sidewalk is closed. you can see the big sign that says this is an active construction zone. in the background you can see ezelman hall. ezelman hall will be ha
? >> the state of maryland. >> you're probably a baltimore ravens fan, too. >> no. i mean, i'm happy they're in the super bowl. i like the harbaugh versus harbaugh thing, but the redskins are my team. that's where my heart is, man. >> and duke is back. are they number one sthp. >> yes. >> louisville lost to syracuse the. >> we're number one again, but we're not going to be the same until we get ryan kelly back. so we're going to have to watch that. that's the key to whether we go deep into the postseason. >> i got home yesterday and i turned on cincinnati was up six or seven over syracuse. they had just beat louisville. and you said, you know what? if i watch this they're going to lose, and they did. >> you're the curse. >> joe, who do you like in the super bowl? i want to get that out there first. >> i -- i -- i'm inclined to see the 49ers, but then i saw the ravens and the ravens and are tough and that guy is good. flacco is really good. new england is no pushover and they manhandled them, you know, to my chagrin. i was hoping for a patriots/49ers matchup. weren't you? >> no. i wanted t
>> shannon: the 49ers or the ravens. not sure who the super bowl champs will be. just county california orangutan who has predicted this year's champ. she is going with san fran. only took seconds for the determination to be made. before you place any bets she only has a 50% rate. the new racing president at the fanfest. president william taft, by the way, a former supreme court supreme justice joins george, abe, thomas and teddy on the field this year. president teddy roosevelt became a fan favorite after losing more than 500 races he finally won in october during the last game of the last regular season. >>> we sent four o f-16s to egt this week. we ask do you think the deal should have gone away. matt said nope, when regimes change commitments to previous ones are not necessarily binding. the vast majority had some that we could not the really read on tv. "fox news sunday" is next. i'm shannon bream. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> chris: i'm chris wallace. the pentagon lifts the ban on women in combat. >> as the gender barrier falls, there is still questi
to the actual game, kaepernick says he respects the ravens and their star linebacker ray lewis. kaepernick says he has got some great advice from former 49ers greats like joe montana and steve young. >> san francisco police are gearing up for what they hope will be a safe celebration, is the 49ers win it all. you may remember the scene back in october after the giants won the world series. a scorched muni bus, vandalism in the mission district, and dozens of arrests. police said they are not going to let that happen again. san francisco pd tell us they will have more of a presence at bars and some pressure people are not drinking too much. there will also be more patrols in the business district so officers can message across that tend to pour into areas. >> we have the best two teens and sport we have the giants and we will have the 49ers we want fans to be a themselves. we want businesses to be a irresponsibly. >> police will meet with other city officials regularly until the superbowl to make sure the celebration stay safe. >> 4:53. we will take a quick break. >> it is a little foggy. in san
john? >> john harbaugh? >> yes, it was john harbaugh, the coach of the baltimore ravens. when asked how they would like the super bowl to end, the harbaugh parents said the diplomatic answer, they hope the nfl lets it be a tie between john's ravens and jim's san francisco 49ers, but not going to happen. those tough parenting moments. 7:12 right now. back to savannah and willie now. >> i have to say, we didn't play it on the tape, but she was on message loving them both equally. >> but she did pick it up right away. john, is that you? she was not fooled. natalie, thanks. al? here for a check of the weather. >> we've got this storm system making its way into this cold air, and it's going to cause a problem. as you can see, snow to the north of the system. icing conditions through the tennessee river valley to the south as this system. the good news is it's a quick mover. it's not going to dump a lot of snow or ice. but with cold temperatures like this, it's really going to make for some problems. generally about 3 to 6 inches of snow around the great lakes. where we're really concerned, t
between john's ravens and jim's san francisco 49ers, but not going to happen. tough parenting moment. 7:12 right now. back to savannah, willie and al. >> we didn't play it on the tape but she did say she does not like jim better than john. >> smothers brothers. mom always liked you best. >> she did pick it up right away, john is that you? >> she was not fooled. >> al has a check of the weather. the storm system makin its way into this cold air. it is going to cause a problem and you can see, snow to the north of the system. icing conditions through the tennessee river valley to the south. and as the system, good news, it is a quick mover. it is not going to dump a lot of snow or ice. but it with cold temperatures like this and it is going to make for problems. generalably 3 to 6 inches of snow around the great lakes. where we are really concerned, though, from nashville, fayetteville, green i will have, elizabeth city, we are talking about icing conditions. tenth of an inch. some areas a quarter of an inch. quarter of an inch to more you can bring down power lines and trees. lit cause a
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